article marketing, get answers to your burning questions right here

Every single day, I receive lots of emails from both seasoned and new article marketers asking me how they can improve their article marketing campaign. I figured that you might want to know the same information that they’re looking for that’s why I wrote this article. In here, I’ll list down some of the most frequent questions I get and try my best to provide you with the best answers. Let’s get started:
Question #1. How can I write new topics every single day? There are limited information about my chosen niche.
Answer: Well, you don’t need to read something that is totally new each time you tap on your keyboard. If there’s nothing fresh about your chosen niche, then I don’t think you can do anything about. What I suggest is that you write the topics that you’ve discussed before but this time, try targeting different angles. For example, if you’re written basic information about affiliate marketing before, the next time you write, you can offer tips or perhaps, you can bust some myths. It will also help if you interview other people who are considered experts in your field. Exchange ideas with them and you’ll surely find new interesting topics to write.
Question #2. How do you balance keyword usage and writing good content?
Answer: The key here is to write your articles with your readers in mind. When putting together your content, do not bother yourself with keyword usage or keyword density. Instead, focus first on giving your readers something that they’ll find useful and interesting. Once you’re done, you can insert the keywords that you’re targeting. If some of them do not sound right, don’t force them on your articles otherwise, this will affect their readability. Find relevant terms that will not make your articles sound awkward. Also, avoid using your keywords on each of your sentences. You should only use them once or twice for every 100 words.